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Black silk cord & woven leather cord

Hi Orchidians!! Does anyone know who sells black silk cord (the
thicker variety that serves in place of a chain) and woven leather

May thanks from beautiful Chicago

Diana Widman at Birch Tree Studio

Please call Swest in Dallas ,tx…800-527-5057 Andy "The Tool Guy"
Kroungold e-mail @Andy_Kroungold

Diana, Rio Grande has all kinds of cording for necklaces and bolos.
1-800-545-6566 or

Joel Schwalb

Your basic black ‘silk’ cord is usually made of the material Rayon,
which is made of the fibre of Rainforest trees pulped and extruded to
make the filament which is then woven into many different fabrics.

Knowing this may help you in your search. I am from Canada and can’t
help you in American suppliers.

Hazel in the only Canadian Desert