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Black rhodium, black gold, black diamonds


Hi! My name is Rebeca and I’ve been enjoying the orchid forum for
about 6 months. I have a small batch of black diamonds that I don’t
know what to do with. I am not a bench jeweler but I am very
interested in metal techniques and I like to design in my spare time.
I have found that the black diamonds show off best if placed near
white diamonds. I have seen photos of black & white diamond pave
pieces. The areas using black diamonds have been plated with “black
rhodium.” What is it? What makes it black? I also saw a black
diamond ring at a jewelry store that they said was set in 18K black
gold. What is the alloy that makes the gold black? I have only
tried the black diamonds in white metals, any opinions on black
diamonds in yellow or pink gold? Thanks, Rebeca of Greenwich Village


Well, I want fundamentally low the knowledge that allows to clear up
certain concepts with concernig the black diamonds: Here in my Country
where we have mines of diamonds, as all we know the diamonds they are
coal and the black diamonds are those that were not able to arrive to
the shown phase or white, they are not generally used comercially,
they are used for industrial processes that use in their components
parts with tips or diamonds ends, in jeweler`s they are merely
ornamental but their value is not priced. With regard to the rhodium
bath, it is therefore that, a bath that is given to the piece when
finishing, there is not alloy of black gold !!! I wait it is of their

Any discernment in this respect me is appreciated they make it know.

Mrs. Edy Orduz Ballestas
Puerto La Cruz - Venezuela


I was told years ago (1972) if you alloy your gold with iron it comes
out black but very hard, for blue aluminum I don’t know if this is
what you are looking for Don Whitaker


Hi Don, About alloying iron with gold. If you make up 14k, the metal
will appear white and be very hard. Warm it slightly and it will
quickly turn black. Weird isn’t it. Tom Arnold