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Black opaque Enamel

Greetings Orchidians,

Can anyone out there direct me to where I may purchase some black
opaque enamel. It is required for a repair job on a ring that had
onyx that was only glued in and the client wants something more
permanent. Thank you in advance.

Terence Dillon
Master Goldsmith
Chivali Artisan Goldsmiths
e @Terence_M_Dillon
p 08 8927 2112

It depends on whether you need lead-bearing or non. Personally, I
use Thompson Enamel for non-leaded enamels. They are very easy to
deal with and have all the tools you need for enameling. Enamelworks
Supply is great for lead-bearing enamels.

Thompson Enamels

Help others make informed buying decisions with Thompson Enamels. We
welcome your opinions and experiences with their products, ordering,
customer service and and over all satisfaction.

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Good luck! Tammy

Well, here in the US, you can buy Colores Resins or Durenamel kits.

You could also use regular 2 part epoxy and mix in paint. I’ve done
this with spices, not paint. Worked fine for a small area. For
larger areas, you’ve got to worry about bubbles.

There’s a book, I think it’s called Resin Jewelry, good resource.

Anybody know what kind of paints to use or not use?

Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay

colores resins or durenamel is not black opaque enamel.

If you want to buy opaque black enamel go to They sell unleaded. If you want to buy
leaded enamel, you will find the French leaded at Bovano go to:

Coral Shafer at Enamelwork supply in Seattle has Japanese Leaded
enamels – or call: 800-596-3257

Yoko Hutchens in Houston-- Enamel Emporium has Thompson’s and
Japanese enamels: 713-984-0552

L.S. Gillingham

Hallo Terence,

Where are you in Australia? Are you wanting the real thing, i.e.
vitreous enamel, or as one respondent assumed, resin?

The Australian supplier for Thompsons enamels is Anna-Margot Collins
(, she also organises the bi-annual enamel
conference and national enamel exhibition which was held last year
in Sydney; in 2006 it will be in Brisbane.

Anna-Margot Originals
GPO Box 1850 Brisbane Qld. 4001
Ph 07 3367 3266
Fax 07 3367 3277

Good luck, Jenny.
Jenny Gore Enamels
Port Noarlunga
South Australia