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Black hills gold chain supplier

Hi all:

I have a customer that loves black hills gold. She specifically
would like a tri-colored black hills gold chain. I do not have a
supplier of black hills gold. Stuller, Swest, Rio etc. don’t seem to
carry what I need. If anyone knows of a supplier, I would
appreciate the Thanks in advance for your time.

Linda Crawford
Linda Crawford Designs
warming up in Willits, CA, USA

Linda, Try Stamper Black hills. Their address is PO box 3210, Rapid
city, SD,57709 Phone 1-800-843-8753, Fax 1-800-435-9989 E-mail, Web site www.stamperbhg com. I’am sure they can
provide what you need. HTH

Harold Momany
Ofelia’s jewelry

Linda - Try contacting Alan Cruickshank of MS Chain Co. 508-222-1700.
Also look into joining MJSA, 401-274-3840. Great organization serving
the Jewelry industry with lots of help when you need this kind of
info. Good Luck

Carl Seadale
Gardener Specialty Metals
Manufacturers of gold and silver sheet and wire and gold filled and silver
filled sheet.