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Black diamonds beads

I was recently offered a small strand of faceted black diamond beads
perhaps 3.5mm in size. They were kind of pricy… Does anyone have
any experience of these?


Hi Laurie,

We have been paying about $17.00 ct. for our faceted black diamond
strands, 3.00mm-3.5mm.

Hope this helps.

I haven’t used any diamond beads yet - nor have I seen them listed
by my regular suppliers. Where are you getting them?

Beth in SC

Alpha Imports ny has black diamond beads check it out at
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We have been getting our black diamond strands from:

Oriental Gemco
56 West 45th Street
5th floor
NY NY 10036

all of their beads, precious and semi precious are of the highest
quality. Never have had a problem.


I would like to second the vote for Oriental Gemco. They are my
favorite vendor at the Intergem shows, and I bought six diamond
briolette beads from them just yesterday - three white diamonds and
three cognac diamonds. Terrific folks, always high-quality products.
They also had several reasonably-priced black diamond strands
yesterday, including an unusual diamond shape.