Black diamond beads

Does anyone have a scource for black diamond beads? I am looking for
good quality strands.


Hi Micky

Please take note that many black diamond are treated i.e. irradiated
to get that black appearance. As natural black diamond derived its
blackness from numerous carbon inclusions. Moreover, it is quite
difficult to facet black diamond as the crystal orientation make it
more difficult to cut and polish unlike the gem quality diamond.

By the way, if you do jewellery repair on irradiated black diamond,
please be extra careful, as my research showed, that the heat of the
jeweller torch will reverse the irradiated black diamond to brown or
yellowish-brown diamond, their original colour.


Hello everyone,

Are the black diamond beads diamonds or crystals?

Thank you.
Sharon Sawyer

It depends. Most beads described as “black diamond” that I know of
are Czech glass - not diamonds and not crystals.

MonaLS - Hayward, CA

Hello Orchidland,

Just to add to the fun, I’ve seen black CZ beads in various sizes and

Judy in Kansas