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Black coral a newbee's ? begins

Greetings Being new to your group, I wanted to introduce myself and
ask questions that I am terribly desperate for on… I am
a sculptor who works in bronze and just starting to branch out into
jewelry…lost wax casting…

I need to know where it is possibly to purchase coral…to carve and
work from raw materials. All corals but especially black coral. I
need to know if there are proper dealers that provide these
materials. I understand that the material can not be harvested, but
if found can be collected. Can anyone assist me in my search for
coral? kind regards, Maureen Siobhan Riley

Dear Maureen, Having worked extensively in Black Coral when I lived in
the Cayman Islands, we used to get our Black Coral from a company in
New Jersey when they banned the harvesting of black coral in Cayman
and Honduras. I am going back 12 years and have no idea if they are
still in business but here goes.

Whittaker,Clark & Daniels,
1000 Coolidge Street,
South Plainfield.
NJ 07080

Good luck
Neil George
P.s.If you need some tips on working this material give me a call.