[BizTalk] New features in QuickBooks Pro 2009

A client emailed me she just received a promotion from OfficeMax,
that expires 1/24/09 (tomorrow)

QuickBooks Pro 2009 is $29.99 for 2 days only.

When checking out use promotion code. It starts out at $99.99 and
with the code turns into $29.99.


plus shipping. I just bought a copy, $41 including shipping. WoW.


Two new features I found I liked in QuickBooks Pro 2009 (still on
sale at Office supply stores for 1/2 price of $99.99) 1. Pre Filled

When you enter a new Vendor you get to fill in the address and such,
which prints on the checks so it goes into a window envelope.

There is an “Additional Info” tab where you tell QuickBooks your
account number with the vendor (prints on checks) and the terms for
the vendor (pre fills in the due date on the bill for you)

The NEW tab added there for 2009 is PREFILL. There are 3 lines, very
cool, to tell QuickBooks what accounts to use.

As an example with Stuller you might use these 3:

a. Shop Cost of Goods: Findings/Mountings/Small stones
b. Inventory Asset
c. Freight In (Shipping Charges)

Now when you enter a bill (or write a check if you don’t use Enter
Bills) these accounts are filled in for you, all you have to do is to
fill in the amounts and if you don’t have an entry for example
Inventory Asset, skip that line.

  1. Online Banking

I vove online banking. Pay my bills online rather than writing
checks and mailing. QuickBooks downloads and shows you what checks
and deposits cleared your account last night. When you match them,
puts a lightening bolt in the cleared column in the check register.
You know it “electronically” cleared last night.

When you download for the very first time, it might download 6
months or more of data which is a pain. I found setting it up for a
client this week was easy and unlike previous versions of QuickBooks,
when you download the bank statement for the first time, you can
check mark and delete the ones you don’t want to fool with.

Previous QuickBooks versions required you to sign up separately for
the download service and get a pin number but this only required you
to enter your user name and password that you use to go to your bank
account on the internet. Much easier.

With online banking you can see what checks and deposits cleared
last night and in this way you’ll catch things taken out of your
account TODAY rather than waiting for the end of the month. Example:
American Express and Visa credit card fees. Mine are taken out of my
account on the 5th. So I see it on the 6th on the download rather
than waiting until next month.

By the way, if you take American Express and they take their
percentages out BEFORE you get your money, you can call and have them
from now on give you 100% of your money up front and take their fees
just like Visa and MasterCard, at the end of the month. Makes
balancing the check book a whole lot easier.

We demonstrate this feature in our QuickBooks for Jewelers
workshops. We’re having the next one in Atlanta on February 23rd &

David Geller

David S. Geller