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[BizTalk] iPhone POS apps


Hello everyone,

does anyone have any experience with a Point of Sale app for the
iphone? im interested in using it with my paypal account to accept
payment via credit card has anyone tried any of them? i’m sure i’m
not the only one interested



There is “I sell that” for free, iShop ecommerce for $16 and eBay
mobile for free.




I use iswipe and love it. I got it through The person
who came up with the app is very helpful should you have any problems
or questions. You can use it with paypal or The money
that you make gets deposited right into your bank account and their
(paypal,, amex) fees are automatically withdrawn
monthly. With this app the purchaser gets an email copy of the
invoice which gets copied to your email address. I couldn’t be

Kim O’Brien


For those of you who do shows, fairs, etc., I was wondering if
you’ve started using your cell phones to swipe credit cards? Here’s
an example of what I’m talking about:

Blackberry seems to be able to do this. It’s not out for the iPhone
yet (currently in Beta testing), but it’s coming via a company called

So, I’m considering this, but I was wondering if anyone had any
actual experience with it yet (via Blackberry)-and if so, how
reliable are the processes, carriers, the app & equipment, etc. And,
what are the reactions of customers-do any seem to shy away from it
because perceived security concerns or what.

What I also want to know is, when the system becomes available for
those of you with iPhones, would you use it?

Thanks in advance.
Tamra Gentry


Apple advertised that app on TV 1-2 months ago.

David Geller