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[BizTalk] Flickr as a business tool


Hi All. Thanks for all the thoughts on Facebook, especially to Beth
Wicker. I’ve also been wondering about the use of Flickr as a
business tool for a solo jeweler. Now that I’m embracing the
Facebook concept, I wonder how Flickr might enhance that- as well as
my web site and Etsy shop. As with Facebook, I want to be very
cautious about becoming a pest to all my new “friends”. It’s one
thing to send a post card several times a year. It’s another to be up
in everyone’s internet face all the time- posting this, that and
whatever. Any thoughts? Thanks Orchid!




I would only send out to your friends and associates when you have
changes to offer…not just blatant ads. Changes in website,
additions, deletions, new product catagory, etc…



Hi All. No one answered my last query on using Flickr as a
promotional tool, so I’m asking again. Do any of you use Flickr as a
way to spread the word? Thanks!



Hi Allan!

I have actually had customers find me via Flickr. Ended up with
several custom orders because of photos of my work on my Pro Flickr
account. With that said, I know that if you use it as a means of
advertising, it can get your account shut down lickety split. They
don’t allow you to put your Etsy store link in the descriptions or
tags. You can have your Etsy store (or other storefront link) on
your Profile page but that is it.

What I normally do is just put my user name “silentgoddess” in my
tags and description. My Flickr user name is the same as my Etsy
store name so that works out!

Hope that helps answer your inquiry a bit.



No not at this time…it is best to spend some dinero to get the
results you want…networking will only get you so far.


i have a pro account at flickr, but i’m not directly using it to
promote anything other than having a photo library online. no one
has contacted me, in regards to wanting to purchase anything. didn’t
sell a thing at etsy, either…the volume of sellers is [too] vast…



Hi Allan,

I did not see your previous post. I have work on Flickr and do use
it as a portfolio of sorts. I have created photo sets of jewelry. I
can send a link to someone for viewing a set so they don’t have to
look through numerous photos of my cat. :slight_smile: Flickr has become more
strict. They do not want you selling products, services, or yourself
through your photostream. You can have a link to your site or Etsy
shop in your profile but not in your photos. Some people who had Etsy
links all over their pics had their whole accounts removed. Flickr
wants to keep the focus on photo sharing. So yes, you can use it to
promote in some ways but read the Flickr guidelines first.

Hope that helps. -Carrie


I use it by entering “Flickr Pools” used by publishers to organize
submissions without a formal call. I started the Flickr Bronze Clay

I don’t use it a lot, but many people do.

I do use it as a blogger, to find work to highlight on my blog.


Do any of you use Flickr as a way to spread the word? 

Yes, and it comes in very handy. When people want to see my work, I
direct them to my Flickr site. I’ve gotten a few custom orders that
way. I also linked my Flickr site to my Facebook page so when I
upload new images they show up on Facebook, too.

I love your work, Allan. There’s something very satisfying about
whacking metal, isn’t there? The continuity of your photos on Etsy is
wonderful. I struggle with that, as you can see from my flickr site.
It’s hard to find a background that is complimentary to silver and
interesting without being overwhelming. You did a fantastic job of
it. Any tips you can share would be appreciated!



I have heard that some people have good luck using Flickr as a
marketing tool. I’m just started trying it out myself. So far I like
it better than FaceBook - since FB so often has weird software
glitches for me. I guess if I like it better, I’ll end up using it
more. So far I haven’t gotten much feedback from any of my online
presences (blog, FB, etsy, etc.). A little overwhelmed by all the
options so far, but hopefully things will settle in soon enough, and
I’ll be able to figure out which one(s) to focus on.