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[BizTalk] Business volume

Susan, Yep, I’m experiencing that trend.

I went independent just over two years ago. My store opened shortly
before that wonderful election. Then the slowing of the economy.
Then September 11th. My timing was not perfect. However I have
witnessed steady growth over the two years and an upturn in volume
over the past few months. My May was my best month ever and then
July, even though we were closed for a week, beat May. The first
week of August has been great and two big sales have pushed my
numbers to about sixty percent of the July figures. I hope this

I don’t feel this is the result of an improving economy. On the
contrary I feel my customers are looking for the good value that my
small size and low rent location allows me to offer. These are the
same customers who would have run to one of the big high-end
jewelers and paid whatever was asked before the recent events. But,
people are buying and they are paying the extra price for platinum
and for top quality diamonds(premium cuts D,E,F color and VS or
better clarity). Do you suppose the media could be wrong? Could
consumer confidence be improving?

John Sholl