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BizTalk - Attrackting vendors

Peter, I do not have any recommendations on where to find nice
alexandrite but do have some hints to get you in the door of those
dealers who are not too anxious to deal with an individual
craftsperson with no formal store front.

First, if you don’t already have a business license get one. If you
can’t prove you’re in the business then they should not be dealing
with you. If you are in the trade try to appear as professional as
possible. Business cards, checks, and letterhead are inexpensive
ways of making even a basement business look legitimate.

Second, if you don’t have a business address get a mailbox at a Mail
Boxes Ect. they use suite numbers so now you have a business
location that could be in an office building or shopping mall. They
also offer fax services. Telling a vendor that you don’t have the
ability to fax a credit reference is a sure giveaway that you are
very small.

Third, pay your vendors in full on time. Then put together a list of
credit references. In this economy dealers want to move their
product. They just have to know that they will get paid.

Finally , do everything you can to appear like a sizable business
while you are on the phone with wholesalers. Do not have children
screaming or the TV blaring in the background. Do not say hi I’m
John and I am looking for or I am located at instead say this is
John with Business Name and WE are looking for and WE are located
at. Do not say I will get back to you or say I will have my wife get
back to you. Say something like, I will have one of my people get
back to you or I will have someone from the accounting department
fax that over immediately. Do not lie, just allow them to believe
you are larger that a one person show. While my business was just a
weekend and evening enterprise I would deliberately make phone calls
working for at the time. The sound of a busy shop was very
convincing. Is this deceitful? Sure, but if you move their product
and pay on time I don’t imagine they will be too upset. Three years
later and I am no longer working out of my laundry room. I have a
storefront and I’m JBT listed. Some days I have to turn the sales
reps. away.

John Sholl

Hello John, Just wanted to say your recommendations are very good
for the one-artist/person business. Especially the part about
having the tax number and business cards and checks. You said it
well. BTW, those of you with July birthdays, this is YOUR month to
send our wonderful Hanuman/Dr. Aspler a token of your thanks for all
his hard efforts and monitary outlay! One dollar/ year of your life
is a good measuring stick… oops another disadvantage in having
another birthday! ;-\ Judy in Kansas