[Biztalk] 21st-Century credit card processing

I feel like I’ve finally come into the current century with regard to
my credit card processing! So, I tell you all this in case anybody
else is in the same position as me. I’m gonna feel like a regular
grownup, swiping credit cards!I have been using my regular bank,
Chase, and a knuckle-buster since I started accepting credit cards a
few years ago. I phoned in the charges when I got home. I actually
never had a problem (knock wood), but when I had to deal with a $7000
charge at my last show, I started thinking it was really time to
change. Plus, Chase raised my monthly fee from $7.50 to $10, year
’round. And they took about 3 1/2% of my charged income…I am now
with First Data through Sam’s Club. I haven’t done a show with it
yet, but I’ll be paying 1.64% for swiped V, D & MC, slightly more
for Amex. They waived the monthly fee of $5 because I’m a business
member (which costs $100/year and has other benefits-- I was a member
already, so no extra cost for that) plus when I objected to the
monthly minimum charges because I’m “seasonal”, they waived that
too.I bought a used Nurit 8000 on eBay for $100 and sent it to them,
and they “swapped it out” for a new, programmed 8030 at no charge.
They sell them for $1000 but you never need to pay that much. So now
I can swipe cards. Oh, it costs $15/mo for the wireless access for
the terminal.I have an “account manager” I can call or email anytime,
and there’s a 24/7 help desk I’ve already called with questions. If
Chase had any of that, they sure never made a point of letting me
know. Can’t wait to use my new gadget!


Thanks so much for sharing the info. I only do shows 6 months out of
the year and do paypal on all my other sales. I am a member at Sam’s;
so happy to hear some sources are affordable for us “little sellers”.