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Hi John, thank you. I actually knew it some minutes after I’d
hit the ‘send’ button on that post. I’m forwarding this to the
list in contrition.

I should note that John sent this to me off list so as not to
embarass me in public [thankyou John for your tact] but he is
right about the error, I actually remembered it but forgot to
post a correction, so:

G’day, you wrote; Sparex is sodium bisulfate (this is not the chemical used
for sterilizing beer and wine-that is sodium metabisulfate).

Sorry to contradict, Charles, but the chemical I use for sterilizing the
vessels in which I make my home-brew and the bottles immediately before
bottling, is sodium metabisulphite
I’d love to send you some of my brew to try; very malty, hopsy, dark, and
7.5% alcohol content. But the Kiwis seem to prefer the rather tastless
local Steinlager, frozen down so it seems even more tasteless.(like the
Aussies have it too.) All the Poms (as the folk here of British birth are
called - me too) love the stuff, come back for more, and want my recipe.
Mind you, I only drink one stubbie (300mls) per day and at lunchtime.
Unfortunately, packing and freighting charges make sending you the odd sample
out of the question. Sorry! John Burgess,

And I’d love some of that 7% beer. ‘Better living through
chemistry’ huh? (looks like this just turned into Yak)

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