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Bio-safe ultrasonic solution?

Hello everyone-I need to find an effective detergent alternative for
my ultrasonic cleaner. I want to go biodegradeable, safe, non-toxic
route. Also would prefer in powder form so I can distribute safely
with no spills to my other locations.Also something far less
expensive than anything marketed to jewelers. I want to use a
concentrated citrus cleaner-but everything is mondo expensive. I
remember even 5 years ago you could buy a gallon of concentrate from
a hardware store and it lasted quite a while-ratio like 40 parts to

  1. Now it seems even a spray bottle of the stuff is over 5 bucks.

I researched online and found a company selling 10lb min orders for
7.99/lb.I think I may order it but want to see if anyone else has
other solutions. The company I found doesnt give samples anymore
because it has been on the market for over 10 years so the
manufacturer doesnt feel they need to impress anyone else I guess.
They tell me they mostly sell to grade school cafeterias because its
food safe.

Anyone interested look at

Brent Williams

I use a 100% natural cleaner. This product is found in nature and is
one of the simplest and oldest chemicals on the planet.

It also does a wonderful job removing any compound I use and, mixed
with the universal solvent and combined with an ultrasonic cleaner,
renders polished pieces clean enough (after steaming) to
electroplate with all metals except rhodium!

And the best part is it’s available almost everywhere!

It is ammonia.

I’ve been using plain, cheap dishwashing detergent mixed with cheap
pure ammonia (not the sudsy type) for many years and it works
admirably. Not sure how “bio-safe” you would consider it to be.

Bob Rush