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Bimetal for purchase

I am looking to purchase 18k or 14k Gold/silver bi-metal, however Rio Grande & Hoover no longer sell it. Does anyone know of a source?

It’s been a while but the last that I bought was from Hauser & Miller.
– alonzo

We carry a lovely 22k/Sterling Bimetal in both 18ga and 14ga if that would work for you.

Reactive Metals Studio

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Not fast enough! lol Just signed on to mention

Bi-metals are listed on their “Mokume gane and alloys” page.

One of my favorite places. :smiley:


The 18K bimetal from Hauser and miller has a very thin layer of gold. The 22 K, while more expensive has enough gold to wear well. Think about Kum Boo instead or fusing gold to Argentium and rolling thinner.

The 18K and sterling “bi-metal” should be designated as vermeil, not bi-metal, not enough gold.

Thanks Tricia!

Reactive Metals Studio, Inc

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Thank you everyone for the great advice on going with the 22k and where to purchase! My best friend and I will be placing an order soon!

I couldn’t find 14k or 22k anything on their website, the site is a little bugged

Direct link on Reactive Metals: