Big Fish Doesn't Pay

All, A couple of points to reclarify:

The “Big Fish” requested that I send via FedEx and she agreed to
pay the charges before I shipped. (I always tell customers that they
can see anything I have with 100% return privileges, but they pay
the shipping either USPS or FedEx. I trusted her word and sent the
entire original memo FedEx Insured through Parcel Pro like I always
do. It cost me $57 which is a deal IMO to get 20K of goods

If a briolette is a one-of-a-kind (these were) I often do not drill
them ahead of time since different customers want them drilled
different ways. Once they say “I will buy it, please drill it this
way for me” I tell them once I do the drilling as per their
specifications then it is theirs. The 100% return privileges are
valid for goods that are not modified to a customer’s special
requests. There are 3 different ways to prepare briolettes for
mounting. She chose one.)

I would love to reveal her name, but think it premature. I still
hold hope that she may pay me after I get a more serious and final
letter to her. A Demand For Payment Letter and intent to notify
credit monitoring agencies - JBT, NY District Attorney, JVC, BBB,

Maybe she does have money problems. That is why I haven’t jumped the
gun and named anyone yet. I am asking and feeling around here
(Orchid) first.

My invoices say “1.5% per month on past due balances” I added this
interest on the last couple of bills. Do you think I should stick to
my guns on this point? I gave here 30 days to pay interest free on
the original invoice.

If she does not pay in one more month (that would be 5+ months total
that she has not paid me) do you think I should tell you all her
name? Please let me know pro or con your opinion on this. Is it
wrong or not to tell her name?

I appreciate all your advice, thanks.

Steve Green - Rough and Ready Gems

Steve, Why should you have to go through this mental anguish? the
more you ask for advice, the more opposing advice you will receive.

What you need to do is follow through on your own instincts, send
all the complaint letters to those you just mentioned. Pay for
return receipts and mail a copy of each in one envelope to yourself

I see no need for your patience in giving another month, etc.
revealing her identity will satisfy the curiosity of some, and that
is your decision. Don’t be goaded into it.

You do not need to open yourself up to criticism, because you did
not do as others suggest. Yesterday is over, tomorrow can be better.
The ball is in your court. Teresa

i wasn’t gonna reply on this one. but my vote is to expose her
after reasonable collection effort has been made. the reason i have
pursued other interests was because there was unsavory practices
committed by people that employed me in the jewelry industry. it
seems that most people in this forum are straight up so in the
interests of any who could potentially get burned by this person
exposing her would seem to be the right thing to do.

Talk to you later Dave Otto