Big Fish Doesnn't Pay

Dear Steve, I agree with Daniel about a personal visit, if that’s
possible (Daniel, thank you again for all your great ideas). I also
believe that the community should stick together and that those who
might end up in the same position as you need to be warned–even if
she’s actually a really nice person who is going bankrupt, we have
the New Zealand incident as an example of the damage nice people can
cause to a whole community. And I definitely advise you to stick with
the terms of your contract and charge her interest.

Nevertheless, I would immediately pay a lawyer to write her a demand
letter. I don’t know how much this costs–I have Prepaid Legal
Services, which I would hesitate to use for anything more complex or
serious than a demand letter, but they’re fine for those. It’s
amazing how a person’s response can change when the letter comes from
a lawyer. Maybe you have a friend or client who might be willing to
do this as an exchange for something small but beautiful.

Lisa Orlando
still “resting” my ankle in beautiful Benicia