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Big day tomorrow

Well as some of you know I will be having surgery and tomorrow is
the big day. After removing large bone spurs a cervical 5-6 & 6-7
fusion will be performed and a titanium plate will be screwed in
place to stabilize the fusion of the long area of vertebrae. I will
be in the neuroscience unit and then be moved to rehab. I will be in
a 24-hour neck brace 2 to 3 months. I will be back with all of you

A word about the tread on comfortable shoes, I would recommend the
Mephisto brand of shoes. They make an out of this world lady and
men’s leather tennis shoe that is wonderful. The shoes can be sent
back to the factory to be rebuilt if ever needed. The lady’s shoes
have a number of styles casual but attractive. The one draw back they
are very “spendy”.

Best wishes to all & never forget Orchid rocks!

Cathy Wheless