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Big Apple Orchid meeting

The response, so far, has been gratifying. So far we have 25 people
who have expressed an interest in attending a Big Apple Orchid
meeting. Our tentative date is Monday, March 11th after the MJSA
show closes. Several people have suggested a silent auction to raise
funds for Orchid. Any ideas and volunteers would be welcomed. I
would also like to have a few experts give presentations on their
areas of expertise. Gerry Lewy has volunteered to talk to us about
some aspect of diamond setting, something that he has been doing for
over forty years. Anyone else who would like to give us some
insights into their own particular area would be an added attraction
to our meeting. One person asked if hobbyists would be welcome and,
of course, as Orchid is an open forum for all with an interest in
jewelry, all are welcome. So, please join us. This promises to be a
great meeting. As soon as I have details as to the venue and cost I
will inform all. Joel

Joel Schwalb

So for the response has been very positive to a Big Apple Orchid
meeting for Monday, March 11th. We will meet after the close of the
MJSA show, probably around 6:30 - 7:00 PM. We will most likely meet
in a mid-town restaurant in the jewelry district. The cost is going
to be $25 - $30 per person, depending on the number of people who
attend. For those of you attending the MJSA show, there are free
shuttle buses from the show with stops convenient to the restaurant.

Our meeting will be informal but there will be 2 or 3 speakers with
interesting I have heard from 26 people, so far, who
are interested in attending. If you want to attend please email me
at @Joel_Schwalb or call me toll free at 888-566-8880. I look
forward to hearing from you. Joel

Joel Schwalb

Hi Joel, I would like to donate to the auction. Is something like a
necklace with semiprecious stones and handmade silver beads OK?
Helen in CT.