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Big Apple Auction

Fellow Orchidians, The Big Apple Orchid meeting is coming together
nicely. We will be meeting on Monday evening, March 11th in a
restaurant in the jewelry district in Manhattan. The MJSA show is
running free shuttle buses from the show until 7 PM. Within the next
few days we will have the details worked out and will inform you
all. Helen Malchow of CT has kindly offered to donate a necklace
with semi-precious stones and handmade silver beads to an auction. I
hope that this will be an incentive for others to also donate items
to an auction to help Hanuman cover some of the costs of keeping
Orchid alive. If you have something to donate, even if you can’t
attend, please let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. Joel
Joel Schwalb @Joel_Schwalb