Bifocals & Optivisor & "comfort Band

First topic…glasses with Optivisor: I have gone through several
iterations of vision correction using Optivisors. Skipping the
correction did not give me the detail for fine work such as stone
setting. Bifocals are “upside down” from the way optivisors work.
You look up through your optivisor but down through the bifocal for
detail work. For a while, I used a reading prescription which
worked well for detail work but not so well when I needed to reach
for a tool out of the field of focus or a small piece on the floor.
Finally I had a pair of glasses built to correct my astigmtism but
not my magnification. (I had to have a slight magnification
correction to correct a magnification difference between the two
eyes but I now have a pair of glasses built as close to neutral
magnification as possible.)

Second topic; First the product description then my problem: I have
4 Optivisors that I depend on. My oldest Optivisor has metal
tension nuts and a metal adjustor on the back. It is also different
from the others in that it has two rivets in the front of the
comfort band. The comfort band is smooth on the inside and quite
comfortable to wear all day. My newer Optivisors go through a
metamorphsis replacinging the various metal parts with plastic.

The problem I am having with the newer products is the “comfort
band” is no longer comfortable to me. Where the band in the older
product is smooth on the inside, the newer product has a band that
is wrinkled on the inside. The wrinkles tend to dig into the
forhead and leave me with a nagging discomfort if I wear them very
long. (I am not admitting to being a sissy…I just need all of my
attention for the detail of my work.) I have tried saddle soap to
soften up the leather…this helps some but does not solve the
problem. Does anyone have a solution to offer?

Howard Woods
In the beautiful foothills near Eagle Idaho

Hi Howard, To make your optivisor more comfortable here’s a trick my
buddy Blaine Lewis showed me- it alleviated the annoying pressure
points from my optivisor band. Take a look at the top of your
optivisor and you will notice a trapezoid shape in the middle and a
triangle on either side. Take a separating disk and cut 3 windows
inside these beveled lines. This makes the headband more flexible,
allows light in, and reduces the heaviness. HTH, Kate Wolf in
Maine offering workshops by the bay.