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Bible needed: patina

hello all,

I’m looking for the one must have book on producing patina on
metals. not much of a chemist yet, so I need a good reference in my

thanks, and have a great weekend.


The bible for patina is:

The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals by Richard Hughes
and Michael Rowe.

This is a big book with 371 pages of formulas and beautiful pictures
of every kind of patina you can imagine. Nothing else comes close.

Larry Heyda

“The Colouring, Bronzing and Patination of Metals” by Richard Hughes
and Michael Rowe is an excellent source, very complete, with recipes
and a section of colour plates showing the variations of effect on
different metals. I think, in fact, it is considered to be the bible
on the subject. It lists for $85 but you can find a used copy for
around $39 on Amazon

margery epstein

Suggest you also visit They have an endless
list of DVDs, books plus their own on patina. Various
kits and materials are available through their on-line store.

Cheers, Don in SOFL.

Be a bit careful with this one as some of the “recipes” don’t work
well, at least in my experience. I work in Everdure Bronze about 95%
of the time. My Bronze patination bible is "the Patination of Bronze"
by Kirkpatrick. I did not post earlier as you were wanting info for
different metals and this one is just on bronze. There are a lot of
patina formulas and info on the internet too. Just do a search for
what you are after…

John Dach

Another good book that has been sadly out of print for many years is
"Spond’s workshop receipts". It is a gold mine for all things to do
with metal working.

Nick Royall