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I use amny bezels in my work, I do it two ways. I buy 28ga fine
silver and form them around unique stones. I solder them together
with the solder on the outside, so it’s easier to remove excess and
it also hides the seam. I also use alot of manufactured bezel
cups. I buy them from Salvadore Tool in Providance Rhode Island.
The cups they sell don’t have that typical dye struck look that
I’ve seen all over the place. Their cups are also not as deep, and
the walls seem to be thinner. They work very well for me, even
though they are sterling silver, not fine, I have no problems
setting the stones. Sorry I don’t have their phone # in front of
me. They will send you a list of all the sizes they stock. They
have both closed and open back. Hope this helps, Tzipora

For anyone interested in the phone # for Salvadore tool in
Providence, I found it (401)272-4100. They are the people who make
sterling bezel cups that seem to be easier to use and nicer to look
at. On my way to Fort Worth for the arts festival. Tzipora