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Bezels on a bracelt [maybe faster]


Hi , When I make models of bracelets for casting, I make the
bezel (with a Long skirt), Place the bezel on the bracelet and
scar a line all the way around the bezel on the bracelet. I
sometimes use a small (radio shack)miniature C clamp to hold it
in place while marking the outline) I use a little thicker stock
on the bezel so i can cut a small"shelf " for the stone to sit
on.)After marking the outline, i saw / burr out the area and drop
the bezel snuggly into the hole and solder it together.Any excess
on the inside of the bracelet is textured out or rubber wheeled
off. I never design bezels that have to be filled with some
material for the stone to sit on as a cast product can have the
flexibility of putting a facetted stone or a cabuchon stone in it
with no further modification. This method should work well for
hand made jewelry as well and might be quicker for some
people.Visit the workshop when you get a chance, there will be
pic on model making techniques , mold making and stonesetting as
i get a chance. Daniel