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Bezel settings required

I need somebody in the UK to make a couple of settings for some
Blue John I am cutting. I couls make in silver but haven’t worked
in gold before and don’t really want to practise on a customer !
My wife accepted a request from a ‘nice old lady’ to make two
pendants from a piece of Blue John she had self-collected over 40
years ago as presents for her daughters - the Blue John I can
handle despite it’s tendency to fall apart as soon as you look at

I haven’t finished the stones yet but suspect I will end up with
something a little smaller than a 30x40, I don’t really want to
reduce this nice material down to calibrated size.

I had in mind a simple bezel setting with a closed back and
maybe a rope edge - open to suggestions. Oh and in 9k.

How about it folks - help out a mere lapidary :slight_smile: Andy Parker in
sunny for a change Cumbria UK