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Bezel setting

Does anyone know of a good resource (book etc.) on bezel setting
stones. I am a beginner so I need lots of illustration and
"spoon feeding". Other advise is welcomed.

Bob B

Bezel setting is covered in most books on jewelry making. Check
your library and compare, not all jewelers use exactly the same
technique. If your libary does not carry such books, The
Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight has good illustrations and
covers basic procedures in a very logical way.It=B9s a good book
to own.

Marilyn Smith

A great book for beginners and even more advanced jewelry makers
is “Jewelry Making Manual” by Sylvia Wicks. There are lots of
detailed photos that make even complex techniques simple.
Includes bezel settings (called rub-over collets in book) as well
as other great stone settings. It covers a lot of techniques and
explains them well. ISBN# is 0-9615984-2-5.


Hi Bob,

It seems to me seeing it done is the best way to learn. I know
that’s often easier said than done! Can you take a class at a
community college or know anybody who might give you a
demonstration? A local gem and mineral club might be able to
put you in touch with someone. A live =demo is worth more than
1000 words, in this case! :wink:

As always, Tim McCreight’s Complete Metalsmith is a good
resource, and should be readily available.

I’ve recently picked up a couple books you might like, but
haven’t heard anyone else mention. They’re both by an author,
Jinks McGrath, from somewhere in the U.K. They’re both well
illustrated with excellent diagrams and color photos. I don’t
know if they are available in paperback; both of mine are

The first is Basic Jewelry Making Techniques,
ISBN#1-55521-904-7. The book is broken down into four sections:
Planning Your Workshop, Designing Your Own Projects, Basic
Techniques and Advanced Techniques. Lots of good stuff… and
it’s interesting to see how some common =techniques differ
slightly from the U.S. to the U.K.

The second book is The Encyclopedia of Jewelry-Making
, ISBN#1-56138-526-3. Maybe a low-end version of
Oppi Untracht’s bible? Covers many different areas, including
stones setting, but I feel it could use a bit more detail in
some areas. I guess the author has to draw the line somewhere.
Again, great photos, and a nice gallery section in the back of
the book.

I also seem to recall the esteemed Charles Lewton-Brain has some
content on the Ganoksin Web site (Tips from the Jeweler’s Bench)
that talks about stone setting.

Hope this helps… bounce back any specific questions or
problems you have!

Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio
Charlotte, NC (USA)

Hi Bob,

I agree will all that McCreight’s book is great. By the way, I
noticed it’s on sale at Bourget Bros. in Santa Monica, Ca. for
only $5.95 (1-800-828-3024).

Also, Revere has a great video on making a turquiose pendant
which fully illustrates making bezel and setting the stone in