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Bezel Setting

sorry if I wasn’t clear… I wasn’t talking about a cast setting or a
prong setting —this setting is a bezel setting that has tiny beads
holding the stone in place all across the top of the bezel—anyone know???

I hav’nt been following this thread so I may be on the wrong track
but this sounds like a millgrain edge, the bezel still holds the stone
and the ‘Beads’ are only a decoration on the edge of the setting. A
millgrain edge is achieved by using a special tool, this is a very
small wheel on the end of a shaft about the size of a graver with an
indented groove around the circumfrence, when this groved wheel is run
around the edge of the setting it leaves a beaded effect. These tools
are available in a range of sizes and should be avilable from your
tool supplier. Regards
John in Oz

howdee John in Ozzieland this is definately a milgrain tool, hooray!
someone knows of these tools, I use a number #4, this particular tool
has need not be too prominant as to take away the eye from the
design. but to give it some effect and to compliment the stone. p.s.
do you know of Brian Adam in N.Z.??? he was a guest in my house
this week-end, in Toronto, Canada,eh?..gerry, again!

To see an edge being millgrained, check out

For the rest of that essay,

Bruce Holmgrain
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler