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Bezel set for rock slab

Dear Orchid People, I hope to try making a bezel for a med large
rock slab I just bought at the show here in San Diego. I really don’t
want the regular old bezel that you put around a cab, but I don’t know
much about any other kind. Do any of you know of any good books on
different types of bezel settings .( I guess thats what they are
called) I have an idea but the bible of jewlery doesn’t say what ga.
to use. My teacher has had me use 28 ga. in the past so would I by
that ga. in sheet and make something up from my head. I also want to
make a setting for a fasited gem stone, and I have looked it up also
in the jewlery bible and have an idea of how to make it, but I was
wondering if i want to make a seat would I just file the edge of the
metal down and then add prongs? As most of you are sharp you will
notice I am somewhat confused… duh!!! I appreciate any answers
and I thank you ahead of time. And MR Hanuman I swear the check is in
the mail!!! Karen in El Cajon, Ca