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Bezel Handling


Jim said,

Didn’t know they were called tube setting… will look up the tube
setting thread, of recent discussions… but still would like to
acquire a reasonable bezel set whatever they are called?? <<

I’m not sure the shape & number in the set you’re talking about
, Jim. If it’s the one I’m thinking of it’s a round steel shaft
with a tappered (V shapped) hole in one end. The V is probably
relatively steep. The apex angle is about 60 deg?

If that’s the case, some machinist could turn them for you from
drill rod & then harden & polish them. You could do the hardening
& polishing yourself & save a few $. I’ve not seen any in any
bodys catalog.



I have acutally seen 2 kinds;

  1. As you described, 'funnels' on small shafts, 
  2. Small square units each to be hit with a hammer, . .

these I have seen priced at the $95 range Haven’t seen the
first (1) offered as you suggested… Per your suggestion, would
seem that the machinest would have to be very exact (therefore
expensive) ie., 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, etc. rounds??? say a set of maybe
10 (?)


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