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Bezel block question


Got a question regarding modifying a bezel block…Rio screwed
up an order of mine, and back-ordered me for a square bezel block
which I had not ordered. I thought we had it straightened out
and then they shipped it to me anyway. As y’all may know, this is
a $65.00 tool, and you can buy a lot of preformed square bezels
for $65.00. the woman i’m studying with is dubious…she had
one for a long time and used it once? in six years but…

i like the round cornered look in stones, and have done designs
around it. I have not found round cornered bezels,(we’re talking
cabachon style) anywhere and with small ones it gets tedious
wrapping teensy stones. I wondered: if i took the bezel punch,
which has 90’ corners, and adjusted them, softened them, then
when i punch the flat stock, the sides will form between the
punch and block but the corners will not be extruded out to the
angle. would they folllow the contour of the punch? has anyone
done this? i don’t feel like conducting an expensive experiment

totally< blind. guess I could try it on square tooling stock
too. if anyone has messed with this, please let me know.

eve wallace


I have a triangular bezel block that cut too sharply into the
corners of the bezel metal, so I radiused the corners. That
solved the problem, so it probably would on the square block. If
you start with a cylinder or straight walled shape the lower part
gets compressed while the upper is stretched.

I do find use for my square block- there are square radiant cut
stones that find their way into my work.

Rick Hamilton
Richard D. Hamilton, Jr