"Beyond the Mines: The Art of Gold" in Sacramento

I just got back from “Beyond the Mines: The Art of Gold,” which
will be at the Crocker Museum in Sacramento until April 27. After
that the show hits three other American cities.

What a great show! Beautiful work in a very wide range of styles
mostly from well known American studio goldsmiths. There are several
interesting and well written wall panels addressing different
aspects of Goldsmithing.

I would suggest that anyone who possibly can, go see this show. I
will be going back at least once more to be able to fully digest it
all. Maybe I will see you there.


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Alan, Thanks for the recommendation, it sounds fascinating. I will
not be able to be any where near Sacramento anytime soon so perhaps
if you go back you could find out the other locations this
exhibition will be showing at and post these locations along with
their dates. It would appreciated.

John Sholl