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Beware new Rio paste solder syringes

I just got a new batch of paste solder from Rio and wanted to give anyone else a heads up… these syringes suck. I’ve never had this problem with the old style. Basically you barely touch the plunger, and instead of getting the tiny dab you want, it won’t stop! Even if I pull the plunger back, at least an inch just keeps coming out no matter what I do. So now to try to prevent it from going to waste I’m trying to apply it with a toothpick… completely obnoxious and a lot is going to end up wasted anyway. I’ve emailed Rio, but wanted to let others know. Ugh🤬

Also yes I’m aware of the drawbacks of paste solder, but for some very specific applications it’s the best option for me. If it’s not for you great, you won’t have to deal with this particular annoyance.