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Beverly shears substitute

I love using a beverly shears for my work. Can anyone suggest a cheaper version of similar product? I usually cut 20g (or less) sterling, brass, copper - but might include steel. I like the throat less
aspect - although the Eastwood shears gets great reviews.

Look at Woodward Fab. They sell a nice line of relatively inexpensive throatless shears. I bought one three or four years ago and it serves me well. I regularly cut 18 gauge sterling and have cut 16 gauge mild steel plate. I hope that the following link gets you there. Good luck…Rob

Thank you! will compare with the Eastwood one - looks very similar - . Quick question - if you like the scissors/ ribbon effect on a throat less - can you remove the disc on the left side?

Assuming that you mean the leveling disc, yes it screws out or just turns up out of the way. I never use it…Rob