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Better lucky than smart


Hi all

the boy who made the ring for his girlfriend from his own ring size
V and a half I think.

Asked him today where was the ring and he said it fitted his
girlfriend, surprise to me.

“And she hasn’t taken it off.” He was smiling from ear to ear.

This is a kid who when he won an award for good work just stood
there shaking his head.

And when he was given a $25 voucher for his effort nearly passed

He has two qualities in abundance, that are necessary for this trade
patience and determination.

Tomorrow he sets a cab in a ring I made as do the other kids in the
class. I can see this kid quietly working away at a bench for a



Richard- Thanks for that. We really need to reach out to our gifted
and hard working youngsters.

I’ve seen that for a large part, we’ve lost at least a couple of
generations to bring up in this trade.

Git 'em quick! Before they find out about the drudgery and the cost
of tools involved.

Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

Jo Haemer



I hope he will allow you to share a picture of his cab setting with
us, when it is done. Your story about him makes me smile.

Donna W
Huntsville, AL


Thanks for sharing, Richard. Jo is right about the need to bring the
youngsters on board. I first learned silver work in high school and
I understand that no one teaches the course now. That probably means
the art teachers aren’t knowledgeable either.

Judy in Kansas


Hi Donna

I will have some photos on Wednesday of the rings unset and set and
then on Thursday some fully polished. I will not be taking the
photos. I have been practising and have the background in great focus
but the jewellery is out of focus.



not only do the art teachers not know smithing, they are not
interested. I have offered several years in a row to come in to
their classroom with all the materials and tools and teach (I am a
certified teacher with 42 years experience). no interest at all in
offering, no interest in offering a continuing education class
either. fortunately, we are near William Holland, Arrowmont,
Penland, John Campbell and several other private schools that offer
smithing, gem, and jewelry classes.



Hi John

lucky for me the art and visual design teachers at my school are
into what I do with the jewellery class.

not only do the art teachers not know smithing, they are not

Maybe they just feel threatened by a level of skill they do not
have. At the school I went to the art teachers were real artists.

And they taught us many amazing things.