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Better Digital Pictures

Hi, everybody! Having visited I must say
that was the best thing I ever did. I have tried to get good
digital pictures for the last 3 years and was not satisfied with the
results. Last year I purchased a Nikon4500 and love the camera.
However, living in a first floor in New York City I don’t get a lot
of light. I found all the answers there. I purchased both books,
the desktop studio and the Nikon 4500 guide as well as the
recommended light bulbs ( you will find the link on the site). My
pictures look fabulous!

Instead of using a dome I simply use 2 swing arm desk lamps. As
diffusers I took a gallon size spring water bottle and cut the
bottom off, fitting one over each light fixture. Since the light
bulbs are fluorescent and do not give much heat that is not a
problem. This system will not work with non fluorescent bulbs - it
will be a fire hazard. With this system I can use mannequins and
props for the pictures if I choose.

I am in no way related to the site. Just a very happy customer. By
the way they are wonderful people to deal with.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!
Vera Battemarco