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Better Breathers

Was: Why not to polish with a flexshaft?

I regards to Karen’s safety tip from the thread “Why not to polish
with a flexshaft?”

I tried the Better Breathers and did not think they would safely
replace a dust mask. I wasn’t sure I got the right size for my nose -
so I called the company and they basically said that the Better
Breathers are really for those people who just don’t want to wear a
dust mask. In other words, they were better than nothing?

I wouldn’t trust my lungs with them and I felt like I wasted my
money. Also, the shipping costs were very high for such a small light
weight item.

If anyone else has tried these, let’s hear what your experience was.

in Portland OR where we might finally be having summer…

Hi Margaret,

I must say I agree.I thought the fit was lacking, and really did not
feel as well protected as when using, say, a 3M 8515. Of course, I
have an “average” face size, so masks fit me fine. They also happen
to work against silica and soldering fumes, but I am not sure in what
concentration. I have no idea what the better breather protects
against, other than the attentions of the opposite sex.

The real trick, whether soldering or grinding or polishing, is proper
ventilation/suction, and regular replacement of filter bags, etc.

We use positive suction at the benches - this helps collect refining,
keeps dust out of the operators face, and keeps the bench very clean.
If this is not an option, we work in a “box”, a plexi-glass
container, that is relatively well sealed.

For polishing at the motor, we have an enclosed system with tertiary
filter, and for soldering/casting, we have a very powerful exhaust
fan setup.

I imagine that instead of nothing, better breathers would be ok.but
I’d personally use a dust mask for what I fell is more comprehensive
protection, and for the best protection, a dust mask and positive
suction is great.

Chris Ploof
Chris Ploof Studio
508.886.6200 EST

I imagine that instead of nothing, better breathers would be ok. 

Unless, of course, you breathe through your mouth.