Hi All,

After several months of intensive work, I have finally finished
(well, almost) my website <whew!> Before I start publicizing it to my
customer base, I would love to hear your feedback, so lay it on! Note
that I still have a lot to do “under the hood” in regard to search
engine optimization (meta tags, etc.), and I’m still refining some of
the content and fixing little bugs, but the big stuff (all umpteen
pages) is done.

Speaking of SEO, one of the best ways to get noticed by the search
engine spiders is to have a lot of links to your site from elsewhere.
So, if you are a supplier (stone dealer, metals or tools dealer) that
I might have purchased from in the past or could conceivably purchase
from in the future and if you’re willing to link to my site if I
link to yours, please contact me off-list and let’s talk. As for
other jewelry sites… much as I love the work that many of you do,
it wouldn’t make business sense to link to you :-), nor from what
I’ve read, would it be useful from a SEO viewpoint either – in fact,
it could be harmful.

The link is in my signature and I’m looking forward to your

Beth Rosengard