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Best wood for miniatures

I have, I now recall, a box of assorted (and unidentified)
hardwoods for carving that I bought and never used. I've had them
for I guess close to 30 years. Is there any reason not to try
these? They're all pretty dark, and I'd like light-colored, but
they have the virtue of proximity... 

No reason not to try them, at the very least you know that they are
well seasoned and so they should be dimensionally stable.

If you’re after lighter coloured woods fruit woods might be a viable
option, four dead white try citrus, hardness is “medium”, i.e. not as
hard as pear or apple, but not as soft as tropical fruit woods
(avocado etc.).

Cheers, Thomas Janstrom.
Little Gems.

Thanks again to all who sent me For anyone interested
in an update-- I have now carved (engraved, really) three images.
The first, in basswood, did not work out to my satisfaction-- too
soft. I switched to an unidentified piece of hardwood (a pen blank I
had around) and carved two more. This wood carved very well, but on
printing I found fault with the next effort. The third is, I think,
very nice. Now I need to figure out some of the technical aspects of
the printing process.

This wood is very dark, so the block itself doesn’t look the way I
want. I’ve ordered some lighter-colored hardwood turning stock. I
really enjoyed the carving. I think I need better paper and ink, but
this is definately fun.

I’m holding off using the beautiful piece of boxwood Kevin was
generous enough to send me. It is so pretty I may have to use it for
a netsuke-type carving. Like I need yet another medium! I bet it
will resonate with others out there when I say there’s little I
enjoy more than collecting tools and materials for a new project.

Happy New Year, everyone!