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Best way to sell gold for cash?

It seems like when selling metals, material often has to go through
many hands with each along the way taking a cut.

Some of those cuts seem large.

I was wondering what would be the best options to maximize the
seller’s income.

I don’t know but if it were possible to get the material to an end
user having gone through fewer hands, both the end user and the
seller might get a price benefit. Or perhaps having it refined would
be better.

Also, if people had processed sterling that you didn’t need anymore,
is there some way to sell that direct to someone?

I would imagine that doing an exchange with Orchidians would have
potential benefit for everyone.

Derek Levin

You can name your price and pay a 1% - yes ONE percent trading fee
on Bullion Direct. You list what you’ve got and what you want. When
somebody is willing to pay that price it’s sold. Then you ship it.

This is not for scrap or anything like that but Rands, bars,
pre-1965 US coins, Maple Leafs — stuff like that.


For any metal we use, be it silver or gold as well as Platinum, the
most direct way for the best recovery is via a Metals Refiner.
Daniel Ballard of Precious Metals West, a contributing member of
Orchid, has a very fair rate of exchange. In this case it is you and
the refiner, no middle men at all.


Hoover and Strong is who I would recommend sending your scrap,
ingots or readily available coins ( serialised bars, i. e- englehard,
krugerrands, etc.) to. Without the need for assaying they pay 100% of
market and are always the most honest and reliable company I have
ever dealt with when an assay or refining is necessary (they offer
first time incentives)…If you are a jeweler then a distributor like
H&S is great- you take your settlement in cash or credit or goods,
and if and when goods are your choice, you receive a 10% discount to
start then quantitiy discounts relative to the amount of precious
metals you desire. Never take metals to a pawn shop, never sell it to
a scrap dealer at a flea market without checking the daily spot price
on the day you want to sell, and never send anything to anyone
uninsured, undocumented, photographed with a newspaper or time and
date stamp and verification of the date sent in, and never without
some method of tracking your parcel…(kitco. com is a good source for
a spot quote if you have never looked for one before. They list all
metals non-ferrous and ferrous, however I don’t recommend their mill
products.). Questions…feel free to contact me