Best way to get solid black

Hi Noel,

In my experience, the reason for uneven black is uneven finish
before applying the patina. So, do whatever you can to clean that
metal. Suggestions include:

-wire brush on a flex shaft with soapy water
-wet pumice on a toothbrush or bristle brush on a flex shaft
-the metal prep chemical sold by Reactive Metals

FWIW, I feel that Griffith’s Silver Black, which is now a Grobet
product, works better than Black Max.

Best wishes,

I didn’t find any on the suggested websites offered by
Orchid members that supplied the silver black liquid I am looking
for. Anyone know what I am trying to locate? Thanks, Joyce

Another great surface to oxidize is a sand blasted surface. I’ve
gotten great results with it.

Jo Haemer

Don’t do silver anymore for years now, but the BEST way to get a
~solid~ black is enamel. Next would be Ceramit or similar, next
would be black antiquing paint… Too black for some tastes…