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Best way to evaluate slides

Re 8X loupe - after some comparisons at a photo store, looking at
actual slides, I chose a Mamiya 4X loupe for first looks at slides. I
love this loupe. For the first time, I can really see the whole slide

Apparently I do need a loupe with higher magnification for looking
at details in the slide - to really check sharpness, look for
scratches, etc. I have an Agfa 10X that seems pretty useless. (I used
to be able to use it so my eyesight has probably changed.) I wear
glasses, -4.5 right eye, and the Mamiya adjusts barely enough to see
clearly with my glasses on. (No go with them off.) Any commendations

Catherine Jo Morgan

Any recommendations for an 8-12X loupe for checking details on

I bought a Mamiya 4X that I love. Still need to wear glasses (-4.5 R
eye) when using it, but it adjusts so I can see well wearing them. I
do need higher magnification to check details though.

Re projecting slides - do most juries use a Kodak projector with a
pretty ordinary lens? Or are they apt to go for fine quality lenses?

Exposure should be slightly dark for saturated colors - but still
light enough to see detail in shadows, right?

Catherine Jo Morgan