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Best warranty ever

Hi All. I have a Herman Miller Aeron chair in my office that I
bought in 1999, and I love it. A few months ago I had some problems
with the mesh on the back. I discovered the chair had a 12-year
warranty, and contacted the company.

They sent a guy TO MY HOUSE to replace the seat back free! He
noticed a crack in the frame, and a few weeks later he came back
with a new improved seat! This time he could see the seat post was
about to go. So, back again a few weeks later with a new seat post.
I now have essentially a new chair with still a couple of months on
the warranty.

I have no affiliation with these folks, but that’s about as good as
it gets. Bravo, Herman Miller! We should all back our work as well.


I have several size B Aeron chairs, I used to joke that I spent the
money on the chair rather than a chiropractor.

That is refreshing to hear. I agree the world would be a nicer place
if we could all stand by our work like that.


Remarkable timing for your post - I placed an order for my very own
Aeron just this week, the “low work stool” version.

I’ve coveted that chair for years,with its intelligent design, but
couldn’t bring myself to spend the big bucks for it. Plus, my
primary workspace, in the center of the studio, is at 37" and, until
fairly recently, the Aeron was only offered for standard desk height.
Yes, I considered reconfiguring everything to accommodate the chair,
but, no, I couldn’t make it work. The intro of the work stool shot
down one of my two excuses for hesitating.

As for the other, the price, this style is actually more expensive
than the original (of course),but even cheap chairs aren’t cheap
anymore. I certainly can’t afford it any better these days than 20
years ago - but, at this point, for health both physical and
psychological, I simply can’t “not” afford it. I’m praying it will
more than justify its cost in reduced chronic pain and stiffness and
visits to the chiropractor to constantly reassemble my tinker toy of
a spine, as well as in increased productivity due to improved focus
and stamina ( See: reduced chronic pain). My current chair, though
allegedly “ergonomically designed”, has been sabotaging my back for
years, its effect dramatically obvious now. The situation has blown
way past “stiff and painful” straight to “this %$#! needs an

I’m heartened by your experience with the company’s warranty. That’s
exactly as described by the customer rep I spoke with. When I
expressed my concerns vis-a-vis my back issues, he also reassured me
that the chair is returnable, even if purchased during the annual
sale (then in affect, now over). Which, btw, was a different story
from that given by a local, in-store sales person ( different
retailer) when I went in to test-sit the work stool. She said that,
certainly, the chair seat parts could be replaced if the fabric was
damaged, but that it would be at my (considerable) expense. She also
told me that, no, it was not returnable, period, even if it proved no
better for my back than a Staples knockoff. Needless to say, she lost
the sale.

Because I’ve ordered a color other than the in-stock, classic black
version, I will have to wait a few weeks for delivery from the
manufacturer (same with that local retailer, btw), so "field report"
is pending. After 20+ years, what’s a few more weeks, right? SO can’t

My current chair, though allegedly "ergonomically designed", has
been sabotaging my back for years, its effect dramatically obvious

Chairs don’t cause health problems and they will not fix them. Bench
jewelry work is an unhealthy profession in the long term because of
the physical inactivity and sitting for long periods of time. Serious
physical therapy for the body core, and long distance walking will
prolong your life, and improve your work !!


Chairs don't cause health problems and they will not fix them. 

Ah, but they will! Back when I was writing my dissertation, which
was the epitome of “physical inactivity and sitting for long periods
of time,” I was working at our dining room table, sitting on a
rope-bottom chair. It seemed comfortable, but after a few weeks, I
began to experience serious hip pain for the first time in my life.
My husband bought me a secretary’s chair, and I haven’t had a twinge
since. I use the chair at my workbench now.

Judy Bjorkman

Chairs don't cause health problems and they will not fix them. 

They will cause problems. I have a decent office chair at my computer
but it was a real pain in the ass. Steal a cat pillow for it and I am
now happy, cat not quite as much so. Amazing how a creature with so
many legs and claws can’t count to two for very long.