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Best thread for making emerald tassel earrings

What is the best threading material for making emerald tassel earrings?

I use silk for all my beaded projects. With emerald beads - and ruby, sapphire, and diamond - the holes are exceptionally small, as these beads/stands are sold by weight. Silk size 00/0/A is usually what the beads will accept.

Also, be aware that these beads may be drilled by hand, instead of ultrasonically drilled which ensures smooth drill holes. Many times the holes must be smoothed with a bead reamer so the silk doesn’t shred.

Mary Stachura

Green dyed silk pearl cord. I dye my own with old fashioned food coloring.
I get the little kit with red, yellow, blue and mix to get the right shade
of color. I dissolve the colors in hot water. Dye the chord and then rinse
in cold water with distilled white vinegar to set the dye. Then hang dry.
I like to add a small gold bead on the end of each tassel to give it a
little weight for a nice swing to the strands when worn. Plus having a gold
bead at the end looks more finished than just a silk knot.
Hope this helps. Post me a pick when you’re done. I love that look.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.
Jo Haemer