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Best source for metals and findings?


Hello all!

Over the past year, the cost of my orders from Rio Grande have
pretty much doubled. $800 orders used to be average for me, whereas
now they are up to $1500 to $1800. I purchase a lot of chains, wire,
ear wire and clasps and was wondering if there is a better company
to buy these things from. Is it this high everywhere or are Rio’s
prices at the top end??

laura :slight_smile:

Laura J. Designs
Laura Jackson


When a shop gets to a certain size, it becomes time to deal with Cobb
findings - there are others, to be sure. Many of the findings
dealers, like Rio, are buying bulk from Cobb and reselling. They have
long been the source of many findings. I went to their website, and
the prices I saw appear to be retail. I know, though, that you can
get steep discounts for quantities. Quality product, too. The bottom
line will determine it, though. I can just tell you, though, that when
you buy solder and many findings from many of the dealers, they are
stamped “Cobb”.