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Best small kiln for enamelling


I am wondering if someone out there could recommend a small kiln for
enamelling earrings, brooches, etc. I have had a little experience
with enamelling, but am basically a beginner in this. Any advice
would be very much appreciated.

Anna M Williams

You might take a look at the Beehive Kilns. (UltraLight Beehive Kiln
by JEC Products) Though not fancy, at least one well known
enamellist uses them to produce jewelry items.

If not that, Paragon produces several different models of small

Anna -

Do you already have a torch? Acetylene/air or MAPP gas will do it for
you - I only torch-fire my enamels and save lots of time & money by
not having a kiln. It does limit me a bit as to the size I can
achieve, but it’s only been a problem once. If you want more
email me offline.

best regards,
Kelley Dragon