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Best Pt casting machine?

Open question what is the best casting machine on the market and WHY?

Hello Paul, I guess I’m a little prejudice, but I would say that the
LUCAS #750 “GIANT” Long Arm Casting Machine is the best casting
machine on the market. LUCAS has been manufacturing Centrifugal
Casting Machines since the Fifties and has been in business since
1930. LUCAS products are manufactured in the USA. The quality of
there machine is second to none and is available for $285.00 complete
with accessories. Any further is available by contacting
LUCAS direct at Toll-Free 1-800-332-5573 or Email: LUCADENT@VERIZON.
NET Sincerely, Dick DeLuca. customer service. LUCAS DENTAL CO.


Not for platinum, way too slow to get up to speed.

James Binnion

Thanks James thought that have used the little wizz many years ago
using a manfredi at the moment vacuum with a double broken arm

Check out the easy cast 12 from stuller…

Andy “The Tool Guy” Kroungold

check, I use MC 15 but new models made after this