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Best Product for Kiosk Retailer

I am a fast food retailer who is setting up a new jewelry kiosk in a
very busy fashion mall in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been
eavesdropping on your amazing site, and have some simple questions.
Once the kiosk is opened and running, I’ll report back the sales
details. With the understanding that kiosk sales are strongest for
items priced under $50.00, what are the best items to stock? Of
course, there are jewelry storefronts from the major chains open in
the mall, so what should the kiosk offer that helps it stand
apart–should it be themed (i.e., Indian styled jewelry is very
popular among the younger crowd that populates our malls here)? Are
Thailand and India the best sources for super inexpensive jewelry?
Christmas is coming up fast! ANY ideas/thoughts will be appreciated
greatly. And, as I said, I’ll report back on the results as they come in.

Please contact me at Family Tree Design I have a great
product for you!