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Best Prices


I must state the facts about Ganoksin…I have subscribed to
groups, and questions were raised by myself, but not a reply was
returned. In all my quandry’s, my needs and question’s, (as a fly
does not land on my back) I have had a beautyiful display of
very intelligient help, from you concerned folks. If I could
raise a flag in your honor, or take out a newpaper ad to fill
the page of the New York Times, I would, please accept my deeply
felt heart. You have made me a genorous gift of your time, and
help. It is all we need to do for others in this world, time, and
a good deed.

I wish you “all” my wishes that in all you do, in all your life,
never take for grntie, the snow, a tree’s leaf blowing in the
air, a run down mill, a rainy day, the bark on tree’s. Let the
miracle of this life forever fill you with a childlike
facination, and never be in darkness…the way out is always
there. My love and all that is good of feelings I impart to you
all. Patricia Alexie Wainwright @perfectp

now where can I get silver for the best prices…chains, french
wires, glass beads…and silver Beads. I had to do it…you are to
nice. I am attempting to put emporia together using pieces of 150
year old chandlier pieces from France, to make bookmarks,
suncatchers, ideas??? The longer slender twisted tubular
pieces look like icecles, and i have attached rare glasss beads
to them, and finished off with a silver hook for tree ornaments. Life
is fun…