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Best place to sell diamonds?

I have a lot of smaller diamonds (1/2 ct and down to tennis bracelet
size) that my customers would like me to sell for them. Does anyone
have a place where they feel they can get a fair price, for someone
(me) that is not familiar with diamond pricing.

I live close enough to Boston and Providence RI to drive to either


Unfortunately most buyers don’t want 1/2 ct. or less diamonds.1 ct.
seems to be the starting point and then you rarely get the value
(wholesale) of the stone no matter if it’s an old high quality stone,
or “new” fair trade diamond. Best thing is trying to sell them on an
auction site or to colleagues needing accent stones. HOWEVER, I would
not recommend taking diamonds from customers to resell for them- too
hard to find buyer(s), keeping track of 10,.10 diamonds from whom at
a value they thought they would be worth is far from the value they
actually are, and. well, there are so many reasons not to accept
"take out" stones , particularly melee sizes and agree to resell them
It would take more time than I have to write them down for you! All
said, unless you can sell them as a lot, I wouldn’t agree to sell
them for others, particularly for more than one person !..rer

Thank you for your reply. Your response is what I was expecting. I
have told the customers that I would not be able to sell their .10
diamonds, but I was hoping to find a place to sell the 1/2 ct
diamonds. Again thanks for responding,

You can always call to sell Stuller your diamonds


I have told the customers that I would not be able to sell
their.10 diamonds, but I was hoping to find a place to sell the
1/2 ct diamonds 

A little after the fact, I guess. I was in a place once (or twice)
wheresomeone was cleaning about a gallon of diamond melee - what
they call “breakout goods” from scrapping out jewelry. I don’t know,
fouror five pounds of it, probably. It was going for $50/ct or
something for the lot. Right now I’m selling a couple of rings for
scrap value that have some pretty mediocre melee in them. I told her
the truth- the buyer will pay around 80% for the gold but they don’t
actually pay for the melee. She can keep it if she likes, or just
let it go and be done with it. Since she’s more of a Chopard sort of
gal, whe said to just sell it. So, this morning I’ll remove them and
keep them for myself before I sell the gold - good repair stock,

Anything over about a third carat is saleable. As with all things,
it’s just a matter of finding a buyer - especially with 25,000
people trying to selldiamonds these days.

Thank you Andy for your reply, I will go the the Stuller website to
get more details.

Thank you for replying John/Jo Ann. After reading the replies I
googled Melee, and educated myself a little further. I am still
fairly ignorant on this subject, is Melee pronounced ((Mel-ee)
(Me-Lee) (May-lee) e? I am enjoying my growing collection of little
(Melee to 1/2 ct) diamonds, and think I will one day incorporate more
into my work. I have given my customers a guesstimated credit of $100
for 1/3ct, $150 for 1/2 ct, hoping I will be able to use them in the
future. So now off to read the emails on setting stones in wax